Monday, June 14, 2010

im back?o.o nah..
i know i've failed to update this blog...
ive just been so busy with everything n i dont really feel like blogging anymore.
dont even remember why i had this blog in the 1st place.
exams are over and holidays are here
just came back from taiwan and i'll be off to cf camp tomorrow
thats right,cf's 1st ever exited!
then i'll be going to church camp.then its back to school
pics of all these events will be on facebook next wk i hope so i think thats all for now..
hehe..i know its really short but i only did this coz jasmine wanted me to update so yea..hehe..
well..ciao for now=)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

say no to exams...grr!!

im only update this blog upon request..
sien of blogging i very lazy to blog xD
exam just finished yesterday...addmath n moral conifirm can fail rest duno yet..
but so far all the results that came back are b's (bm,sejarah)
crys so suang...get to go hk on 3rd day of exam...i wanna go!!!T_T
so anyway...jess is leaving for india tmr...sobs...gonna miss her ssoooooo much...
holidays are here...I WANNA WATCH A MOVIE!!but no movie to watch oso..n no one wanna go with me= = so sad..
maybe gonna do abit of moral project...zzz
or else gonna stay home in bed sleeping...dun think i can go out thou...due to my condition right now...kinda paralyzed at home...if u really have to know..i fell down again okay??zzz stop askin...damn pain...hopefully will recover fast...or i'll be feeling super restless...
whatever...this post is super random n pointless anyway...i just updated it coz crys asked me to...n i really dun feel like blogging now..I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO!!n theres nothing i or u can do about it....
so ciao...~

Monday, February 1, 2010

she abandoned me!!;(

chan shi zhen abandoned me T.T
she said she couldnt cope with all the sci subjects so the changed to accounts class...haiz..
now skool sucks more than ever because of no one in my class to pei me except winnie n ashwayni but thats only once in awhile...other than that the only other ppl i can rely on now is koon meng and neville...but that doesnt really do much help either due to the fact that there are quite a number of annoying ppl there...not gonna mention names though..haiz...i dont wanna get stuck here for 2 yrs weih!!help~~
homework has started to become less though...n i finally managed to finish up add math which was given 2weeks ago..
whatever..i simply DO NOT CARE about homework anymore...i'd rather spend time enjoying my weekends than completing my hw anyway...but then dread going to school on sunday night...that has officially become my weekly routine..happy right after skool on fri until sunday nite then emo for the rest of the week till friday comes again..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

heyy there =D

juz a really quick update here..

  • went to watch old dogs with humans last week
  • finally watched 17 again thx to jy..
  • found out piano exam is in june...ish..
  • 1st cf meeting was awesome..great turn up--50+..yeah!!
  • im always tired
  • loads of homework
  • loads of tuition
  • super busy
  • FORM FOUR SUCKS!! managed to let that all out..hehe
somethings wrong with me lately....not being the usual me..
hmm....hopefully things will get back to normal...thats all i can say..
i dont think i'll be able to blog much...most probably short ones like this only..
that should be all....i think...
ps. i ♥ them =3

Thursday, January 7, 2010


so im in bakti...we got our classes on tuesday but im only blogging bout it now coz i was really sleepy and had homework to im even sleepier n have more homework to do but i dont care=p
dont feel like sleeping either...i dont know how long i can keep this blog running coz im really really busy n tired
form four is darn tiring n stressful especially when ur in science class...god knows wats gonna happen to me in form five...haiz...anyway...i'll try to go get my homework done now....or maybe sleep xD
omg...i juz reread this post n realized how many spelling mistakes there i really that tired??o.o

Monday, January 4, 2010

i dun wanna go back to school!>.<

had to wake up at 6 30 today coz schools reaopening = =
woke up at 6 actually...hehe..but still not enuf sleep coz couldnt sleep n slept at 1+...insomnia??o.o.......nah..
so anyways,went to school..went for 1st prayer meeting of the year which started and ended right after the bell
den went into hall...den talk talk talk...bla bla bla...not fair...form5 and 3 get to go back class...haih...
so while teachers talking,me n yiling planning our tuition schedule..
they make us sit in there for so long my butt oso pain edi...n my leg oso numb make thing worse...the ceiling was leaking...rite above my head= =
so its like raining on me...-.-
o yea...then now,en.kamarul is guru disiplin coz en.lee go afternoon liao...n he's supposedly de penyelia petang now...en.saufharddy oso go afternoon so en.yusaini take over...
then tahan for 35mins coz wanted to go toilet but almost recess liao...xD
i forgot to bring money to school-.-
but at least still got coins so still get to eat..haha
den went back into the hall..
change place n sit with jia dis time coz cant tahan de stoopid ceiling liao...go repair la..haiyo..
den got some inti college ppl come n give some career talk...bla bla bla...
den finally dey let us go into class...nono...we haven gotten our classes yet,but we went to classes accoring to last yrs classes...does that make sense??
so anyway...went to class....4bakti's chem tcher(pn.azimah) came samore...den went over to jia yee ther n talk to him bout tuition stuff....den end up chatting with jia yee,koon meng,kar yih,neville,jia,hui qing...hehe..den go home= =
boring rite??n until now we still haven gotten our classes yet...slow rite??
hopefully will get by tmr coz tuition starts tmr...i finally found oni left sejarah tuition n bk class haven found...
oh..n my sis is in bakti,so is koon meng's bro
xiao shan sis n jing yi sis in gigih or nekad...dun rmb liao..but dey same
nt bad la....and now im at home and bored...haha..
OH!RIGHT!!completely forgot!!
on sun after service jienyue wanted to go watch sherlock holmes...but i was going with my i dint stay for lunch n went off early with crystal(I WANT YOUR SHOES!!)to collect my tickets n buy tickets for jienyue n ppl...when we reached the counter sherlock holmes oni got 3 seats left n got 6 of them..hahaha...
so imediately called jienyue...decided to watch avatar instead..but earlier
so went to sushi king for lunch den crys went off for her movie..half an hour before movie started made a last minute decision to buy new rush to jusco but no size-.-
so anyway,sherlock holmes was good but i still think avatar better altho de beginning very after movie sent joyce home n went home...
ok..i think thats it..if not i will constantly keep coming back to edit this post which ive already done quite a few times..hehe

Friday, January 1, 2010

first post of the year!!=)

hey ppl!!!i know im really slacking on updates but its the new year!!
may this year be filled with lots of joy and many happy occasions to come!!
so...lets get started shall we?
so..on the 22nd of dec my sis invited a bunch of frens over for a christmas party...i had a deal with her that i would help her take pics as long as i didnt get wet during her water games..before her friends arrived,i was feeling bored so i talked crystal into coming to teman me...when they started playing i got i juz continued talking to ppl on msn until crystal came...when she came we had tv...then went to kacau ppl on fb...after she left i went to talk to some ppl n ended up sleeping very late..
on the 23rd...stayed home to rot then by nite time me,jy n joyce started planning for the wii party on the 30th..back to that!i forgot...crystal went to china on the 23rd!!hehe...bye bye crys..hv fun..
the next day went to skool to go collect my results...reached skool at 10 but then there was a sign that says results not out till 11-.-,went to spbt to help arrange form5 books abit den went to kacau the ppl building gadget for form1 orientation...
when the results finally came out...hehe..hui qing n liping got straight a's n they're the only two in my class to get straight a's...haiz..
wat to do...they all dam smart de..
most ppl got 6-7 a's but i only got 4-.- upsr results were 4a's 1b 2c's
now pmr is 4a's 3b's...but at least no more c rite??hehe
but the moment i got my results i started msg-ing ppl
so gan cheong
but my parents...until now...have not given me anithing yet-.-
so anyway...went home for lunch then left for singapore...on the way there slept..msg-ed ppl coz i was bored..n mite not be able to msg dem for de next few days...then i managed to use internet but couldnt sign in msn..but at least got fb...hehe
but i was online only for that...half an hour??
and i have a feeling like im attracting birds or smth...coz when we stoped at the rest stop...some bird pooped on my hand and pants-.-eww..
when i reached cousins place we walked out to the same chinese restaurant we go every year..almost like its tradition edi...haha
after the dinner we saw an accident on the we stayed until the ambulance came and went before walking back home..back at the house i went online for a while..then we watched the newest season of prison break and cold case..
on friday (CHRISTMAS!!)i was supposed to go to church with my aunt but i was really tired so i didnt go..we watched a local show called fighting spiders...then we went to orchard roaad for some shopping at places like ion,takashimaya etc...
i was hunting for a new pair of shoes...but didnt manage to find anithing nice
then went to eat lunch at some famous siew long pau shop...after doing abit more of unsucessful shopping..we took a bus to the singapore round is actually half an hour...kinda boring up there really..after that went to my aunts apartment to relax abit(i ended up falling asleep)
then went for dinner at a restaurant called the soup restaurant..went back to cousins place to continue watching fighting spiders...that was my chritsmas...-.-
on saturday we went to tony roma's at hotel driveway for lunch..after that me,sis n my 2cousins went to the nasional library for a cosplay event(eoy09)
we watched the cosplay competition n some performances...after that we walked around for abit before eating chicken pie for tea outside the library..then we went to buy some art stuff for my cousin...
then my aunt n uncle wanted to buy a christmas present so they bought a wii for us!!yay!!lol
when we went home,my aunt pulled out around 11wii games that they didnt really play anymore and gave it all to us..wee~~
we walked out for dinner again at a japanese restaurant...i ate soo much that i couldnt swallow my last few bites of unagi...if i stay in s'pore sure will put on weight wan..the amount i eat there compared to here..haha..not that the food is better...juz that i had a better appetite..
went back n played smashbros. on wii with my sis n cousin bro while online-ing so was like running in and out of the tv
on sunday,again i skipped church coz i couldnt get
we went to city square for some shopping where i managed to buy the pair of shoe i wanted...then we went to vivo city for lunch at food republic...did some more shopping after that where i bought my second pair of shoes..hehe
then went home to continue the show before going to a hawker center at newton circus for dinner...then we sent my uncle back to the road to go back to m'sia coz he had to go to work the next day..
on monday we went tosungai buloh nature reserve park where we manage to see all the animals there...herons,eagle,otter,crocs,mudskippers,crabs,squirels,fishes..oh..but we didnt get to see any i think it was worth it..even though i got loads of mosquito bites..
we were so tired we slept on the way to the shopping mall that we were going to for lunch..called peach...something...cant rmb..after eating we went to popular to buy some stuff before going home to rest...i onlined for abit then finished up watching the show--fighting spider..then becoz we were all oh so very tired so my uncle ta pao duck rice for us for after dinner me,sis n cousin played wii again till 1+ before going to sleep..
on tues we watched some short animated cartoons by pixar films then went out to a chinese shop to eat lunch...stopped by a pet shop to look at some dogs being fed before going home to pack..then went noodles ta pao-ed by my mom..crys oso come back on this nite...onlined then sleep...
wednesday..went to skool to help out in spbt but they fixing the fan so its like super hot n dark coz no lights oso= =
then david picked joyce n me up n fetch us to sp for psc's farewell lunch...after lunch we went to look for laiyee then went to jy's hse...played wii...den dinner...den watch movie...den balik...izit??lol
i think i got memory problem edi la...haiz..
or maybe i juz too lazy to update...coz if i wanna type it will be ALOT...
but finishing edi...
ytd went to skool again to help at spbt but they were still doing stuff so i go kacau at koperasi then went home..then went to watch avatar with parents...the beginning is like really boring but the ending is nice tho...
at nite spent the whole time online until 1smth talking to ppl...but watched abit of fireworks frm balcony..
then today juz sat infront of comp while helping my sis play TOS2:dawn of a new world on wii until now..but went over to chitra's place juz now to get some form4 revision books from her...den mana tau when mom come home she brought another big bag of form 4 books frm her fren coz her son fin form 5 liao...-.-
i dun think i'll nid to buy any books like
but here's some pics at jy&jl's place to make up for the brief part on top...hahas:
for more pics...go to fb...