Monday, February 23, 2009

hey!long time no post edi since internet had problems and anyways
on thurs during bm i was like so pissed at bm teacher cuz she expects us to go look for sinopsis and photostate over the first place my printer was also not working and i had no transport to go out to photostate..then i ended up copying the sinopsis for the all 24bab's for 2 obviosly there was not enough time..and i only finished copying up to bab 4 photostated the rest of the thing to paste in the book anyway
friday night was camp till sunday evening....suming it all up,it was ok and i only slept for 5/6 hours which is already considered alot...i was really blur during and after the camp due to lack of sleep....and i did not shower nor change for the 3days straight... then,i was so sleepy after that i slept at 9 without doing a single homework including the bm thing,but i managed to finish it up in homework for today (but last weeks homework is still yet to complete)as not many teachers came into our class but was still very blury and sleepy...and i still have to find all the info on bab5&6 on panas salju...and im still sleepy!!plus i have tonights tuition homework yet to complete and other stuff to do so...yea,im practically screwed...
and by the way,

Happy moments,PRAISE GOD
Difficult moments,SEEK GOD
Quiet moments,WORSHIP GOD
Painful moments,TRUST GOD
Every moment,THANK GOD

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


remember bout the previous post saying that there was the hitz cruisers outside my school?
yea...well that was yesterday and today was an ntv7 car/van...-.- y so ngam wan?
sukan tara!!missed it...hehe...helping as QM the finish line of 100meters holding da flag...
and i finally finished my music theory homework after postponing it for 4/5 monthes...and it was only 4 pages...
and now...theres a math 'quiz' and eng oral tmr which teacher let us decide our own topic to talk abouit for 3min,she supposedly told us last week but only in detailed yesterday,so i had season choose 2topics for each of us and ill have to do the writting...-.-
so in other words ill end up doing 2ppl's worth of oral...

Monday, February 16, 2009


ytd was gts anniversary stayed back for steamboat lunch that didnt seem to be boiling at all,got carried away eating and forgot the time,went to sp around 2 30 with crys, joyce and lai yee to buy ******* and *** ***'s b'day presents...joyce had to buy b'day presents for her friend and lai yee had to buy...something,crystal was just tagging along...while choosing gifts i made a few calls to season(who said she supposedly couldn't leave the house) who was also at sp at that time...she could have just bought them herself instead of askin me to go...(I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO U KNOW!!)crystal,joyce,isabel and elene all in purple...see!!so evil...wear purple din tell was like purple vs. black everywhere u look...and yes...i was in black=)

random pic that crystal took while waiting for transport home...

aniways,saw the cruisers outside school after school today..they were giving away freebies like an issue of hot magazine and dominos vouchers and stuff...didnt stick around long since there was like a huge crowd at the back of the van

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


before i start i have to say that i cant type too much cuz my fingers hurt after typing all those ppl's names for pn.soo
went to school to lepak as usual on this Wednesday afternoon,
went to koperaasi to kacau jia jia and found out that she was there with her...*ahem*,never mind that...
then pn.soo came in and started scolding jia jia for...something,i wuz very blur as usual...
before pn.soo left she asked who could type fast and jia jia had to immediately point at me-.-
i dont type that fast...really slow actually,
before i could say anything,pn.soo had already started walking out and asked me to follow...haih...
so much for ended up that she wanted me to type the names of parents and teachers going for the PIBG meeting-.-
that was the point that i cant type fast at all,especially when i only use 6 fingers to type...(another one of my annoying habits)
finished around 4 30...jia yee,who told me that he was going to reach school at 4 became really impatient and went padang on his own...but by the time i reached there i was kinda in a hurry to go to xiao shan's house for some stuff so he decided to go back to school to do...homework-.-at xs hse she showed me these weird videos of her and her sistas acting out some really funny stuff wit their plushies...returned to padang (jia yee went home by then)and went home around 6
and cant believe i even bother to blog all this out as my fingers are still aching
well,ciaoz for now^^

Sunday, February 8, 2009


ytd was road run which i did no training for and ended up getting 6th(how'd that happen??)
my legs hurt so bad after that...especially today:(
and i watched but ended up falling asleep halfway through
there was a tuuition replacement class this aftternoon but i really didnt have the mood to go...
but since yi ling kept persuading me saying that jun hao was persuading her to go,which he was doing the same to me...i went...-.-
and for some reason or another i keep forgetting that theres no school tmr...
uncomplete homework!!!T.T

Monday, February 2, 2009

happy belated


Sunday, February 1, 2009

holiday week

CNY,school was off for a week,cousins came back from singapore on saturday morning around 2
sister went out with them for archery in SP on sunday afternoon,i wasn't allowed to go due to a pile of unfinished homework...-.-
went for family gathering on mondayafter breakfast at my cousins place(and to collect ang pau XD)

1st and 2nd gen

4th gen aka cousins!!(not all)



dont have the third generation pix cuz i didn't have time...

anyways,went to a family friends place after dinner while my cousins went to visit their grandma...before i left the house,cj7 was showing on axn with english audio...but it was horrible compared to the chinese one
went to pantai seafood for lunch the next day,my cousinc original plan was to go home after lunch but they decided to stay another day instead,headed to visit my other grandma after lunch...
went to a restaurant opposite SP for dinner which (according to my parents) i hade been to before but don't recall
cousins left for home the next day,after that xiao shan and her sister came over to visit
thursday was like the weirdest day ever for me,went to my aunts new 2 and a 1/2 storey house somewhere really far,got lost along the way(as usual)the house wasn't really finished yet but they had already moved the sport bike in...right where you'll see it when you enter the house... -.-
there was even a walk in closet and an exercise room...why does an air stewardess need an exercise room in the first place???weird...

after that went to another cousins place which was a 3 storey house and the weird thing was that they had a malinois mixed something else dog named bambi???
o-kay...that was really really weird...
i was supposed to go visit my granduncle after lunch but ended up going to the movies with jun hao,xiao shan and neville...
dad invited some of his friends over that night to play majong and i ended up stuck watching ultraviolet again...-.-
because my aunt decided to go to genting the next day,we went...some of us were too restless in the car took the cable car up...literally,we just went there for lunch and some shopping...walked for a while and went home...
saturday we went to petaling street for lunch and some shopping before heading home...
and finally i did something really amazing i thought i would never do...
i actually bothered to get up at 7 30 in the morning to go to the park!!!-.-'
and i spent the rest of my today watching movies and trying to get use to the fact that i have to go back to school tommorow...

see ya!!